Edmonton Native Plant Society
native plant stewards
Where to buy native plants:
Remember that sometimes it is only certain varieties of a species that are local. Be sure to ask for species from local sources.

The Edmonton Native Plant Group also sells native seeds and seedlings. Check out our Events page for locations.

Arnica Wildflowers 
Sells Edmonton and area locally native wildflowers that attract pollinators. Grown from untreated local seeds.

Wild About Flowers
Good source for native wildflowers and grasses in the Turner Valley and Calgary area.They collect seed from Southern Alberta and grow completely out-of-doors to produce year-old plugs that are in tune with the growing season and able to be planted out from April to October.They have a stand at the Millarville Farmer's Market on Saturdays. Shopping by appointment, or online: http://www.wildaboutflowers.ca/visit_us.php
Phone #403-933-3903

Sherwood's Forests
Phone: 780-848-2548
50042 Range Rd 31
Warburg, Alberta T0C 2T0
Carries some native trees and shrubs at reasonable prices. Sells for individual use, for windbreaks, and for reclamation projects:
Balsam Poplar, Trembling aspen, various willow, White spruce, Black spruce (on order)
Jack Pine (Lodgepole and Ponderosa Pine also available);
Chokecherry, Pincherry, Red osier dogwood, Bunchberry (on request), Saskatoon, Green alder, Highbush cranberry, Wolfwillow, Canada buffaloberry, Wild Rose
Also carries some non-natives suitable for xeriscaping.

810 - 167 Avenue N.E.
Edmonton, Alberta
Phone: 780 - 472 - 6103 
Sunstar carries some native shrubs and trees that are locally sourced, as well as a few perennial native forbs. Be sure to ask for locally sourced plant material.

Carries a variety of native trees and shrubs, as well as many that are not native. Ask for locally sourced plant material.
Phone: 1-866-873-3846